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The MistPal Walk-Through Cleansing Pod is a revolutionary product...


The MistPal Walk-Through Cleansing Pod is a revolutionary product which has been developed to be an aid in the prevention and control of the spread of infections caused by harmful germs such as bacteria and viruses – including COVID-19.

Why You Need MistPal

Germs can live on clothing and soft materials, skin and hard surfaces for days and some bacteria can survive for months! This is why sanitising is one of the most important steps in keeping people safe and even more so in light of the current health crisis. Our plant enhanced sanitising solution Aktivora provides a barrier that can last for many days.

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MistPal is a two-way system which is of significant importance for establishments such as hospitals. Staff leaving through the MistPal will have the comforting knowledge they are protecting their families when they go home. MistPal’s goal is to support you in keeping your staff and visitors healthy and safe.

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Germs depend on people and the environment to move around via contact (such as touching), sneezes, coughs, splashes and inhalation.


Germs are part of everyday life and are found in our air, soil, water, and in our bodies. Some germs are helpful, whilst a few are harmful.


Many germs live in our bodies without causing harm, such as Escherichia coli (E. coli) and staphylococcus aureus but outside of the body some of these germs can cause illnesses such as pneumonia, food poisoning & diarrhoea. Others make us sick such as flu and COVID-19 and sneezes and coughs help them find new hosts to infect.

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Washing your hands properly removes dirt, and up to 90% of viruses and bacteria and helps stop them spreading to other people and objects.


Remember proper handwashing is one of the best ways to protect yourself, your family and colleagues from getting sick. However, there are many times in the day when washing hands with water is not possible and this is where MistPal will help your staff and customers stop picking up infections and spreading them to others.

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Seeing is believing, watch the MistPal disinfecting pod in action with this quick demonstration video.

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How MistPal Works

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MistPal Protects Everyone

Disinfecting pods help you protect your clients and employees.

The NHS does highlight that clothing and towels can spread germs.

Their website states that the three main ways that this can happen are:

» When towels or sheets are used by more than one person

» When someone touches dirty laundry

» When clothes are washed, germs can spread between items being washed at the same time


MistPal will completely disinfect your clothing on entering or exiting facilities

Catering For All Entrances

Our disinfecting pod caters for all entrances such as shops, hotels, supermarkets, offices, restaurants, sports arenas, stations, hospitals, building sites; in fact, MistPal pods are engineered to be used by any business or event expecting a high foot-fall or movement of goods into their premises.

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Safe and Effective Sanitisation

Motion sensors activate a high-pressure misting system which coats any person or object in the pod with Aktivora in a completely safe and certified manner; an organic based non-toxic and non-flammable disinfecting solution that completely ‘sanitises’ employees, visitors or deliveries that go through the pod.

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1. When light is green enter one at a time

2. Stand on the footprints

3. Raise your arms

4. Hold your breath for 3 seconds

5. Misting will begin - remain still for 1.5 seconds

6. Exit when you hear the buzzer

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Main Features

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Auto-sensing spraying

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1.5 second spray time Unique system supported by Aktivora

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Adjustable spray timings

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Temperature measurement

With thermal image technology

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Microcomputer control system

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Supports face recognition

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Complete with fob system

To deactivate for staff requiring to pass

through the pod regularly

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If you’re intrigued about the MistPal's features, looking for a price or just curious to find out more about how an anti-virus mist tunnel works.

Contact us, we are ready to answer your questions.