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Frequently asked questions...

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Is it safe to use on children?

It is safe to use on all humans and animals. Mammals have a completely different cell structure to germs such as viruses and bacteria and AKTIVORA has been developed to take advantage of that fact – which is GOOD for us and BAD for the germs!

Is it safe to use during pregnancy?


Is it safe to use if you have asthma/chest complaints?


Do you know what plants are used in the product in case of potential allergens?

All plant-based allergens have been removed.

It says on the safety information to avoid contact with the eyes or irritation will occur and also that it may cause irritation to sensitive skin types. What if someone has a reaction?

As with shampoo, for example, if Aktivora comes into contact with your eyes and causes irritation simply bathe the eye with running water. Aktivora has been specifically developed for sensitive skin types, however if in the unlikely event irritation is experienced, simply wash it off with soap and water. We have not encountered either problem to date but that is not to say that it might not happen. If in any doubt seek medical advice either from your pharmacist or doctor.

WHO (World Health Organisation) and CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) have both categorically stated that these tunnels are not recommended as they likely cause further spread and harm to those who use them (the tunnels).

This is only true if the disinfecting product being used in the tunnels is dangerous to humans (which was the case in India) and ineffective against the pathogens being targeted. This is not the case for our product. MSL Laboratories, UK, and M and L Laboratory Services Ltd, SA, are both internationally renowned microbiology laboratories who have both tested AKTIVORA against a whole range of pathogens, including COVID-19 (which had an effectiveness of log 5)

I have heard claims that using a disinfecting tunnel will lead to respiratory and lung cancers in years to come. Is this true?

Don’t know how this particular claim came about, probably companies using toxic chemicals in the tunnels, but definitely NOT with our product, all our ingredients are fully passed and authorised under E.U regulations.

Has a risk assessment been carried out with respect to effect the misting fog has on allergies and other long term health implications?

As mentioned previously, Aktivora does not contain any allergens and is compliant regarding any health concerns set by British, European and American Laws.

Does it kill Coronavirus?

The MistPal Pod has been developed to provide additional protection against the spread of all diseases which are contractable through touching surfaces. It is important to remember washing your hands for 20 seconds following the set guidelines is still the key method of protection from transmittable pathogens. MSL labs have shown that AKTIVORA does kill the corona virus.



Seeing is believing, watch the MistPal disinfecting pod in action with this quick demonstration video.


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