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Using MistPal

Many retail stores, hospitals, hotels, maritime cruise industries, airlines and airports, to name but a few, will be adjusting to a new way of operating since the COVID-19 pandemic.


The biggest problem many businesses will face is a huge drop in foot-fall.

The best way

to combat this?

MistPal can be used

at any entrance

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Maritime cruise industries



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Building sites




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Give consumers confidence through enhanced safety measures.


A MistPal cleansing pod at the entrance will show your staff and the public that you are taking customer safety extremely seriously. All goods passing through the MistPal pod will also receive the same level of protection.

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your business...

Help your business determine the presence of an elevated temperature in employees, visitors, staff, students, attendees who are entering your facility.

Temperature Reader

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Using Mistpal-01.png

Contactless testing


Fever detection

Fast detection (1 second) with the option of an alarm

Accurate facial recognition

Easy plug and play set up

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Infrared non-contact temperature scanner which responds quickly giving a reading on a large LCD screen with great readability, reduces risk of cross infection and can reduce queue times.

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Measure Occupancy

In Real Time

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has emphasised the need for reliable access control system to help manage physical access to public spaces and retail stores.


MistPal’s customer counting system will enable you to count the number of people entering and exiting the premises so that you always know the number of occupants.

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» 8” screen with camera

» Temperature accuracy +/- 0.5 °C

» Store up to 30,000 records

» WiFi enabled » Steel base plate & aluminium pedestal

» LED Traffic system



Seeing is believing, watch the MistPal disinfecting pod in action with this quick demonstration video.

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Back to Work

Organising a safe return to work requires a new approach.


Many staff will feel daunted about returning to work post lock down so the safer they feel the less anxious they will be.


MistPal reduces workplace risk by not only protecting your staff but also by making them feel more protected. The non-contact face recognition detection, body temperature scanner, and 360º all-round (safe for humans) mist disinfection process safeguards everyone passing through the pod.


Meeting, collaborating, and complex problem solving are easier to do face-to-face. Returning to work will give employees the feeling of being part of a team, and build back up the work-life balance.


Main Features

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Auto-sensing spraying

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1.5 second spray time Unique system supported by Aktivora

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Adjustable spray timings

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Temperature measurement

With thermal image technology

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Microcomputer control system

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Supports face recognition

Main Features Separates-07.png

Complete with fob system

To deactivate for staff requiring to pass

through the pod regularly

Main Features-01.png
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If you’re intrigued about the MistPal's features, looking for a price or just curious to find out more about how an anti-virus mist tunnel works.

Contact us, we are ready to answer your questions.